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NAS drive ou ftp

Cloud is cool but acces to local cloud by ftp or sftp should be the best way to manage file on iPhone with the big file size support by this app like dsd or flac hires.

It’s good but does not support DXD 352kHz

By and large this app supports most of the HD music formats, but unfortunately it does nt support DXD using 24-bit 352-kHz sampling.

Dont waste your money

It will not replace a real hi res player sound quality wise. Yes, it opens the aiff, flac etc files. But they dont sound as such. The download option from say Dropbox is plain junk because you cannot import all the files in one clic. You have to add every single song by going through a number of menus every time. Given the above, the price is totally unjustifiable and the app does not perform up to its description.

Its good... But not $30 good

It does its thing... The eq is great. The library is meh. Nothing that great but better than iTunes music player. You should probably save your cash... But if you really want a decent eq this was one of the better ones Ive tried. There just arent enough bells and whistles to justify the price though.


This is the best audio app I have... You can crank the EQ to fit the worst setup. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that a beginner would have trouble with trying to find the best sound with the equalizer because of the user interface, I find myself not playing with the EQ settings all the time just because of how touchy it is. Dont let it stop you from being creative this is a beautiful app... BUY IT!!!

Poor value

Sound quality is good but music library font sizes are out to lunch and besides the eq, there arent any customization options. Not sure why this app costs so much

Problem in HiRes file management

Upgraded to the latest version but it still has issue on FLAC. After more than 1 month and there is no fix available. Is it really a Korg product? Reported the problem to the community forum three days ago but no one even bother to look at it. Dont buy! そろそろ二ヶ月を経て、解決なんて連絡が全然ありません、どういうことですか。 三日前不具合を公式の掲示板に報告しましたが、一文字の答えもありません。買わない方がいいと思います。

Excellent app but needs polishing

The program does what it claims and provides a very high-quality sound. However, there is one very annoying bug. If after finishing play music (files) you close application iAudioGate and does not unloaded it from iPod memory, the iPod battery is discharged rather quickly.

Good, but...

The player has full funzionalità (shuffle play, move the app in background) only from songs section. On other section (album,artist) this not work


This app does not work. It only opened once, and thats it. It crashes every time, even though its the only app running.....Korg better get something figured NOW.

Some times brilliant but very buggy

For a twenty dollar app I expect more. It can be brilliant, but I sometimes have to restart songs multiple times to remove playback artifacts. Not setting changes correct this. In addition, there are albums that iTunes had no problem playing in track order that this app cannot seem to figure out. Lots of bugs from twenty bucks which is unacceptable. Cannot justify more than two stars until fixed.


Sound quality neither bad nor perfect, pumped into bass side a bit, however gives a bit of tube/valve amp feel which is sweet indeed, but short somehow in sound stage and depth. Now for the options shortages vs. other players (even the free ones): 1- no crossfade 2- no crossfeed 3- lake the airy sound 4- SRS 5- equalizer is limited...at least needs to be 20-20khz or 30khz to support the high-Res headphones. One thing really bad; it drains the battery like a hell (not sure if the excuse here is processor usage to give high quality...then I can understand that, but still battery life needs to be improved with this player) If the above is added/rectified, it would be really amazing player and worth to spend that high price tag on it as its simple, no clunky interface or fancy colors...etc Common Korg, I trust your products always and most of my gigs are from your brand, but this player has a question mark!

App delivered on promises

Without going into fanboy detail, this app allows me eq in GREAT detail. The audio fidelity is way better than the stock music player Apple has on the iPhone.

Stops playing due to lock screen, resume playback is broken

A problem that plagued earlier versions has resurfaced - the app stops after the current song when the phone is on the lock screen, even if I leave the app so it is active in the foreground before the phone locks. Also, the resume playback feature that is supposed to allow resuming, does not work. If I pause while my 6s+ is locked, then unlock and go into the app, it defaults to the wrong place - but consistently the exact same wrong place. Its like this app cant handle not being active in the foreground. I love being able to add songs using AirDrop, its very convenient. But if playback is a hassle its a waste of money. At this point, playback is useless. I cant believe I spent $15 on this buggy app.

It cant scan music files inside album folder

I directly drag my album folder to the app via itunes but the app cant scan the music files inside the folder. Please make it scan available. Thanks.

Not universal, doesnt support album shuffle...

Embarrassingly bad UI, isnt Universal and yet another supposedly audiophile directed piece of software that doesnt support Album Shuffle.

Needs work

Poor UI. Doesnt see tags (Onkyo player sees them perfectly).

Dont bother.

Korg lies. This software does not turn your iPhone into a hi res audio player capable of DSD output like they lead you to believe. You need an external DAC for that. Korg has stopped producing such hardware, so you are on your own. An entry level DSD DAC is the iFi Nano-iDSD. Without hardware you might as well stick with iTunes, since there is no difference in sound quality if you dont compress you files. (Heaven forbid.)

No DSD 128 play back

I have the iPad versions for the Onkyo HF player and the Iaudiogate player. With a larger sound stage and better instrument separation the Iaudiogate sounds better. Having said that, had I known that the Iaudiogate does not play DSD 128 files I would of never purchase this app. Not being able to play these files, I will have to give the Iaudiogate 4 stars. With it’s ability to play all files up to DSD 128 and more functions to enable in its settings panel, I will give the winning edge to the Onkyo player for it’s over all performance.

No documentation

Id like my money back. This app is terrible. I wirelessly downloaded a 24/96 file from Dropbox and it only plays at 48k. The FAQ is a joke as there is no information about how to use the app or any kind of manual. Except for not having wireless transfer the Onkyo HR app is much easier to use and is really Hi Res. Plays all formats.

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